Guangdong Electric Call Taxi Car Rental Co., Ltd.

Established on May 5, 2016 with a registered capital of 2 million yuan

Is a tourist charter, car rental, network car as the main business projects of professional road passenger transport enterprises.



charging standard

  Ordinary Taxi   Mainstream network car platform
Model 5 ordinary car 7-seat luxury commercial vehicle 7-seat luxury commercial vehicle
Starting price 10 yuan 10 yuan 17 yuan
Mileage fee 2.6 yuan/km 2.8 yuan/km 3.3 yuan/km
Low speed fee 0.6 yuan/minute 0 yuan/minute 1 yuan/minute


Construction of Land Tourism and Transportation Integration in Qin'ao

• 900 travel and Macao telehailing intermodal transport, to achieve Qin-Macao cross-border travel services, the future will be the realization of platform interoperability, a key to call a car can cross-border travel.

Improving the Service Level of Public Transport in Hengqin New Area

900 travel takes root in Hengqin New District and serves Hengqin effectively. It is estimated that the number of trains carried by 20 vehicles will reach 110000 per year, serving no less than 200000 people.

Benefiting enterprises and convenient people

The comprehensive fee is 30% lower than that of the mainstream online car booking platform, and it is estimated that 20 cars will benefit 2.2 million yuan per year.


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