Jiangmen Asia Fuyong Hot Spring Hotel

Asia Hotel Group is "the first mid-to-high-end hotel brand positioned for cross-regional development in Asia". Headquartered in Macau, it was established in June 2012 and has been in mainland China, Macau, Japan, Thailand, More than 30 hotels have been invested and operated in Cambodia and other countries and regions.

Since its establishment, the group has been adhering to the business philosophy of "meticulous, warm, focused and innovative", constantly innovating and improving the quality of products and services, focusing on improving customer satisfaction and occupancy experience, and pursuing the satisfaction of guests, employees and the company with win-win thinking. After eight years of business exploration and continuous practice, we have the successful management and operation experience of hotels in different cities and regions in China and Asia, and have realized the sharing and mutual reference of successful experiences from all over the world.

In the future, the group will continue to invest in hotels in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and other places, and has formulated a grand blueprint for the development of 100 hotels within three to five years.


Jiangmen Asia Fuyong Hot Spring Hotel

Jiangmen Asia Fuyong Hot Spring Hotel is located in Yannan Gudou Hot Spring Comprehensive Resort and National 4A Tourist Area. It is adjacent to Zhuhai, Shenzhen and Macao. It is about 10 kilometers away from Yannan entrance and exit of Guangdong's western coastal highway and 40 kilometers away from Jiangmen City. The traffic is very convenient. The hotel is far away from the downtown and not remote, built by mountains and rivers. It is a boutique hot spring hotel integrating hot spring health, parent-child paradise, catering, accommodation, conference affairs, leisure and vacation.


Hotel Lobby


Outdoor Close-up


Outdoor vistas


Theme Rooms

The hotel has more than 300 guest rooms and suites with unique style. The decoration advocates the concept of simplicity and beauty, integrates Chinese and Western aesthetic elements, and reasonably arranges various themes according to different orientations and areas-elegant, Japanese, Korean, Thai, childlike and other personalized atmospheres to meet your diverse needs. With an area of 40 ㎡, it is spacious and comfortable enough.

Each room is equipped with high-definition TV, wireless high-speed network, independent powerful rain shower. The bathroom is dry and wet, and some rooms are equipped with viewing balconies. Every detail and design is to enhance your holiday experience.



Banshan Hot Spring

Standing near the window, the back peak forest is beautiful, shrouded in clouds and mist, the Southeast Asian Mid-level Hot Spring is hidden in the lush shade, with scenery far and near, and paintings everywhere. In front of the blue waves ripples, the excellent first-line river view has a panoramic view, whether it is foggy morning or sunset dusk, you can enjoy the four-hour scenery. The calm and secluded atmosphere brings a peaceful spatial artistic conception, which may affect your feelings and make people in the city compensate for their potential nostalgia and return to nature, which is enough to make body and mind merge into nature, away from the noise, and flowers are like dreams and leisurely.

Salty hot springs, the scientific name is sodium chloride springs, that is, ocean hot springs. The spring water is slightly yellow in color and salty. The spring is located in the depth of Huangmao Sea, about 5km away from Gudou. The well is 150 meters deep and the outlet water temperature is 88C. The spring water is transported to the Gudou Hot Spring Valley through a special pipeline. Its main component is sodium chloride, and contains more than 30 kinds of minerals, and 11 kinds of trace elements indispensable to the human body. Salty hot springs have precious health care and medical effects. They are often soaked and have good effects on eliminating fatigue, preventing and treating rheumatism, promoting qi and blood circulation, enhancing physical strength and promoting metabolism.


Panda Parent-Child Paradise

Panda Parent-Child Restaurant is a comprehensive theme dining amusement park integrating special catering, children's theme amusement park and customized theme party. It is currently the only comprehensive indoor scene park in resort hotels in western Guangdong, covering an area of about 600 square meters.

Here, not only satisfy your taste buds, but also light up the parent-child time. In the nature, away from the hustle and bustle, flowers like dreams, leisurely.


Asian Food Place Restaurant

Asian gourmet restaurant, the main buffet, with hot dishes, fried and baked, seafood, soup, West Point, grains, seasonal fruits, local snacks and other delicacies, can accommodate 200 people to eat at the same time, let you feel the tip of the tongue


Multi-function conference hall

The hotel has two multi-functional conference halls of different sizes, which can accommodate banquets and meetings of 150 people/15 seats at the same time. Conference hall decoration simple atmosphere, complete supporting facilities,

You provide small and medium-sized party banquet, business negotiations and other diversified services.



There is a wine, it is not wine, it is a culture.

Run, is a fashion passion of entertainment, it uses music

Build a platform for you to sing about wine and forget your troubles. At the same time, it is also a warm place for friends to talk and lovers to talk about love.


Yifang Fruit Tea

yifang fruit tea brand is a famous tea brand in taiwan.

Yifang fruit tea is rich in fresh fruit essence, full of fresh fruit flavor, sweet but not greasy taste, warm and soft, Yifang fruit tea has accurate inheritance

Cutting skills to a large extent to ensure the moisture of fresh fruits; Yifang's tea is made of fine tea, such as Taiwan's high mountain tea and Sun Moon Lake black tea, which are freshly boiled on the same day. The tea soup is pure and fragrant.

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